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This page contains some background information about Utnubu.

Ubuntu explained

Matt Zimmerman updated and improved a wiki page dedicated to explain Ubuntu to Debian developers. Check it out, it's full of informations that you need to know if you want to understand how Ubuntu works and what the main differences with Debian are.



Shortly after the announce of utnubu, the domain utnubu.org got registered by Canonical. Given the good relationship between Ubuntu and Utnubu, Canonical agreed to point utnubu.org to Utnubu's wiki.

Who is behind Ubuntu

Many Ubuntu developers responded to a short online interview organized by the Utnubu team. Check out what they think of the cooperation between Debian and Ubuntu:


Debian Collaboration Team

On the Ubuntu side, a team has been started to work on a specific sublist of packages, for which the Debian maintainer has agreed to help more actively to resolve divergence with Ubuntu. However, not much has been done until now, and the DCT is looking for more contributors on the Ubuntu side.


Kernel Security Collaboration

There is a combined effort to support security issues in the linux kernel: http://alioth.debian.org/projects/kernel-sec/

Some Ubuntu features flowing into Debian

  • Gustavo Franco integrated update-notifier, a little Gnome applet (that some users love) to be informed of the availability of (security) updates for their packages.
  • Raphael Hertzog integrated acpi-support to improve the support of various laptops. Acpi-support is in the laptop task of etch.