Sebastien Bacher

What were you doing in Debian before joining Ubuntu ?

Mostly working on GNOME with the pkg-gnome team, also maintaining some others packages and participating on the lists and IRC

Why did you join Ubuntu and what are you doing for Ubuntu ?

I'm working on the Ubuntu desktop (GNOME): packaging the new versions, doing some of the changes we hack on, replying to the bugs, communicating with upstream, etc. Have the opportunity to work on a free project like Ubuntu is really nice

What are you doing nowadays in Debian ?

Still working on my packages and with pkg-gnome on the GNOME maintainship. I try to make sure that we don't take different solutions from Debian and than we work with the Debian maintainers when the changes can be useful to both distributions. I'm often on IRC and reading #gnome-debian too

Can you explain the change (if any) ?

I'm doing less direct Debian work now. I've started working on the GNOME packages for Debian while being student and did quite a lot of work while I was looking for a job. A part of the change simply due to the fact that having a work keep you quite busy.

I tend also to rather contribute directly upstream now since that's the right place to send bugs, fixes, patches, etc. That change would probably have happened in the same way if I was not working for Ubuntu.

What do you think of the Debian-Ubuntu collaboration ?

It works quite nicely for some people. I don't really get why some Debian people put such an energy against Ubuntu on the Debian lists by example. Sure, people contributing to Ubuntu or working on Ubuntu don't send 100% of what they do to Debian, they don't talk to the Debian maintainer every single time they modify a package, etc ... but we can't say that Debian communication with upstream is ideal neither: we do have some patches for ages which have not been sent upstream (like every other distributions probably), we have some people not working nicely with other maintainers, we have people too busy, etc.

What do you wish for the future ?

I think that Ubuntu work is valuable to Debian (some patches are sent back, some maintainers or teams work together, some people like Michael Vogt do a lot of work on Debian softwares like synaptic, update-notifier, update-manager), that would be nice if people would keep working with that perspective rather than trying to start a rant against Ubuntu every time the name is mentionned on a Debian list