Your Name

What were you doing in Debian before joining Ubuntu ?

I joined NM 1999 and became a developer in 2000. I started with maintaining a bunch of packages and packaged synaptic in 2001 (based on the WINGs toolkit). I gradually became upstream for it and ported it to gtk1.2 and gtk2 later. Later I became part of the apt and python-apt team and started to contribute to them doing a lot of the releases nowdays (Feb 2006).

Why did you join Ubuntu and what are you doing for Ubuntu ?

I joined ubuntu as a employer because it means working on free software for a living. I like ubuntu for it's stable release cycle and the sensible selection of default applications. I also like the idea of having a code of conduct a lot.

In ubuntu I do the user visible package managment tools (update-notifier, update-manager, gnome-app-install, synaptic, language-selector) and also apt, aptitude, python-apt, etc. I'm part of the desktop team and help maintaining there. Launchpad has a list of packages I touched.

What are you doing nowadays in Debian ?

Maintaining a bunch of packages and contributing my apt/python-apt/synaptic work back to debian.

Can you explain the change (if any) ?

I don't thing there was much change. I have less time to work on debian specific bits but more time to work on stuff that benefits both debian and ubuntu. So overall I think I can contribute more to debian than I used to do. If I had a different day-job that dosn't involve free software my contribution would be a lot smaller.

What do you think of the Debian-Ubuntu collaboration ?

I think on a personal level it works very well. There are numerous examples (gksu, the desktop team, gdebi, ..).

There are areas where it dosn't work that well but I really would prefer trying to solve those situation rather than to get into flamewars that only divides the projects.

What do you wish for the future ?

More collaboration, less flaming. It hurt me to see how much attacks were going on on the mailing lists. I would also love to see debian adopting a code of conduct.