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LaMont Jones

What were you doing in Debian before joining Ubuntu ?

Pretty much the same things I'm doing now: running the hppa and ia64 buildds, maintaining a variety of packages including util-linux, bind, bind9, postfix, etc.

Why did you join Ubuntu and what are you doing for Ubuntu ?

I joined Canonical because it provided me an opportunity to work on open-source for a paycheck. And paychecks are good. After 18 months at Canonical, I rejoined HP, still working on open-source.

I am involved with the day-to-day running of build daemons for Ubuntu, as well as fixing various bugs throughout the release. I am involved in the ubuntu-ports project, as well as being involved with any changes to my packages in Ubuntu.

What are you doing nowadays in Debian ?

I continue to give my Debian packages about the same level of care that they've always received (some of the packages are maintained through a process best named "benevolent neglect", but that's nothing new.)

Can you explain the change (if any) ?

I don't particularly see any change in my level of activity in Debian.

What do you think of the Debian-Ubuntu collaboration ?

One of the significant issues over time has been the feedback of bug fixes to Debian from Ubuntu. This relates to launchpad not being there quite as quickly as we would have liked. Certainly some of the personal interactions between Debian and Ubuntu developers could have been better.

What do you wish for the future ?

Being able to trivially migrate fixes between the releases would be a wonderful thing.

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