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Your Name

What were you doing in Debian before joining Ubuntu ?

Nothing, the Warty preview release was my first Debian install.

Why did you join Ubuntu and what are you doing for Ubuntu ?

Being very pleased with using Ubuntu for a few months I joined the MOTU team because I felt that it was a fun, instructive and effective way of contributing to free software. I was taken by the wave, jumped on the bandwagon, call it what you will :)

I am currently working on Xubuntu, the derivative having Xfce as the default desktop environment.

What are you doing nowadays in Debian ?

Very little. I seldom commit changes to the alioth repo of the Debian Xfce maintainers. Since our Xfce packages are based on Debian's I intend to keep the two distros as much as in sync as sensible.

Can you explain the change (if any) ?

Our Xfce packages diverged a lot lately because we are using a newer upstream, which is not in sid yet. So there are quite a few changes, but nothing spectacular.

What do you think of the Debian-Ubuntu collaboration ?

I am not following Debian mailing lists (besides Xfce-pkg) so I am not very up-to-date on this subject. D-U collaboration may be excellent in some areas and totally suck in others, mostly depending on the persons involved.

What do you wish for the future ?

Nothing original or very specific I'm afraid :) . Keep advancing the state of free software in the world and all that.