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Using quilt with Debian source packages

Situation: you have downloaded a Debian source package which uses quilt and want to fix a bug and then submit a patch to the maintainers.

Environment variables

consider adding these lines to .bashrc or run them before using quilt

export QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches

 export QUILT_REFRESH_ARGS="-p ab --no-timestamps --no-index"

Basic quilt tasks

Making a new patch

The source code unpacked by apt-get source does not have patches applied.

First step: apply existing patches to the source

quilt push -a to "push" all existing patches onto the source tree (when you build a package, this is done by the build scripts)

Creating a new patch:

Now, make you changes to the files added to the patch: edit it, or replace it with an already modified file stored in a different directory.

Updating a patch with changes made to its files

Finish your editing  quilt pop -a #this un-applies all patches so that the source returns to the downloaded condition