GNOME Usability Gnome Human Interface Guidlines 1.0 KDE Usability KDE Usability First Steps Usability Testing of Athena User Interface Usability and Open Source Software kde-devel: $HOME == $DESKTOP Proposal Open Usability First Principles of Design, per Bruce Tognazzini. FLOSS Usability Better Desktop

   1. Interpretation of user behavior, e. g., shortcut keys maintain their meanings.

   2. Invisible structures.

   3. Small visible structures.

   4. The overall "look" of a single application or service--splash screens, design elements.

   5. A suite of products.

   6. In-house consistency.

   7. Platform-consistency."

A very interesting article (GNOME): Abstracting the Linux Desktop from the File-system

Some tought about "The Perfect Desktop ?". A list of wishes and needs by endusers.