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This is the homepage of upgrade-advisor.

Introduction to upgrade-advisor

Running upgrade-advisor pre-upgrade will:

  1. Report post-upgrade recommendations from a previous upgrade (from previous release to current release).
  2. Test the system prior to the upgrade, then display some hints to ensure seamless upgrade.

Running upgrade-advisor post-upgrade will:

  1. Test the system after the upgrade, then display hints for emulating a freshly installed system. See section "Preparing for the next release" of the Release-Notes (like lenny/i386 notes).

(!) This tool is complementary to the Releases-Notes, not a replacement. Also, the output should reviewed with care as it may contain false-negative and/or false-positive warning.


Contributing a plug-in

You can contribute a plug-in, that warns users before they upgrade their systems.

Here's a sample plugin :

check_update_grub_path() {
    [ $CURRENT_OS -lt $ETCH ] && return 0
    title "Checking update-grub path in /etc/kernel-img.conf"

    if grep -E "[[:blank:]=]+/sbin/update-grub" \
           /etc/kernel-img.conf > /dev/null 2>&1; then
        gecho "The path to update-grub in /etc/kernel-img.conf is wrong." | alert
        gecho "$RELNOTES/ch-upgrading.en.html#s-for_next" | extra

Get the source

    sudo apt-get install git-core
    git clone git://

    #You don't have to build the package to test it:
    ./upgrade-advisor/upgrade-advisor pre-upgrade

Bugs and feedback

Feedback for false positive and false negative is especially welcome.


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