In such a complicated process as the development of a new release there are a lot of things that have to be done at the right time. Is this planned enough by the release managers so that no unnecessary delays result? if the process is planned well enough, is it communicated well enough?

note: i bet the release managers are very good at that, the question only came up because of the security-autobuilder stuff that is being talked about so much lately. i bet there was enough time to take care of that up to now. then again, perhaps there still is enough time and now is the perfect time to do it...


We do often lose days to simple mistakes and find ourselves spinning our wheels waiting for the daily dinstall clock to tick. It's been discussed before, I know, but I'd love to see what would change in Debian if packages were installed into the archive more than once a day (compare the 30-minute cycle of Ubuntu's archive). -- ColinWatson

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