the idea is

This is not a bad idea, but I could see where a program(s) is only used once a year (something related to a particular subject, etc), and thus could be uninstalled even though it is needed.

To answer the previous comment: In this case, the package will be reinstalled automatically. The launch time being a lot longer than otherwise.

My comment, now : I think this is a good idea, but I prefer to see a tool like the Windows Disk Cleaning Utility (I am not sure of the name translation) which helps the user to save disk space ONLY when the user call it, otherwise, Windows asks to the user if he/she wants to launch it ONLY when low disk space level has been reached.

-+ Note in the list above, first item is that the application can be configured as uninstallable. This makes such a scenario moot. No matter how infrequent the use, the program would remain, negating need to reinstall.

-+ Of greater concern is making sure that the ?SysAdmin retains control of what users can/can't install.