XMPP for Debian Developers on Android

  1. Open https://db.debian.org/ and click "login".

    login on db.debian.org

  2. Click "update my info".

    update my info

  3. Fill a new RTC password that you will use for nothing else. Wait an hour allowing the RTC password to sync.

    fill RTC password

  4. Install the app "Conversations" on your Android device from Fdroid (or from Google, or pick some other XMPP app), start the app, and tap "I already have an account".

    existing account

  5. Enter your Debian e-mail address, which is also your XMPP address, and your RTC password, and tap "next".

    enter credentials

  6. If the following screen appears, then you're succesfully logged in. Tap "skip" to proceed.

    enter credentials

  7. Next steps are for testing with another DD. Tap "add contact".

    add contact

  8. Enter the DD's e-mail address, which is also the DD's XMPP address.

    add contact

  9. Send a test message.

    send test message