Which codecs does support?

The Debian infrastructure simply exists to enable contact between users. There is no media stream transcoding or processing in the central infrastructure. Therefore, the codecs you may use depend only on the codecs supported by the other users you are calling.

It is recommended that every user:

How do I call regular phone numbers?

If the phone numbers are in ENUM, you need to use a client device/softphone that can look them up itself using ENUM queries, select the SIP or XMPP address from the response and make the call through the SIP or XMPP proxy you prefer.

How do I receive calls from regular phones?

Debian is not a phone company. You need to obtain a phone number from a third-party trunking provider and then instruct them to direct the calls to your SIP account (most of these providers support SIP and not XMPP).


Is it a stateless or stateful SIP proxy?

It is a stateful proxy.

Can I register multiple devices to my account concurrently?

Yes, you can, this is possible because we run a stateful proxy.

Set the 'q' value when registering to indicate which client/device is preferred.

Can I have a buddy list?

You can create a local contact list in your softphone.

There is no central server for tracking a buddy list or providing presence services. This may be provided in future.

Can I forward my SIP calls the way I forward email?

We are looking at providing a static SIP forwarding capability. This would probably involve adding another field in ud-ldap and using the repro Python scripts to implement the redirections by looking them up in a list.