Which release of Debian should you use?

Don't worry, this isn't as confusing as deciding which version of Windows Vista is right for you. :]

Debian is made available in 3 releases, or versions:

[1] Stable

[2] Testing

[3] Unstable

What version should you use for your small business? If you read the description of each version on the Debian website you might think that you should be running the Stable version. After all, you don't want the computer you are using crashing all the time, now do you? I think the description of the Debian releases can be a little misleading for the new Debian user. I recommend that you use the Testing release for your small business. It is much easier to stay up-to-date with the programs available for Debian that you will be using to run your business if you are using this release. The Testing release is actually very, very stable. In fact, it is so stable that I have been using it for at least a year and haven't ever had a single problem with it. (It's at least as stable as the version of Microsoft Windows you are probably running right now.)

The only reason I can think of using the Stable release of Debian instead of the Testing release is if you had some very critical business operations taking place on the operating system. I don't think the majority of businesses are going to be in this situation, so the Testing release will be fine for them.

If you want to live a little more dangerously, you can try out the Unstable release of Debian, which has the most improvements, new features, and the latest versions of software packaged for Debian. However, you might have some more bugs in this release, which may be a concern for some businesses.

In summary, don't be afraid of the Debian Testing release. It is solid enough for the majority of all business operations.

The Sunburned Surveyor

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