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(snipped content about '''data sources''' and moved == Sources of data we would like to import ==
If you have a use for this data source in mind, add the source to "we really want them". If not, add it to "we might want them". And you are allowed to move sources from "we might" to "we really want", of course. The one who originally added the source might not have thought of your use case :-)
=== We really want them ===
 * information about source and binary packages on each arch (basically the content of *Packages or *Sources, either by importing those files, or by importing projectb)
 * popcon
 * BTS (including usertags)
 * history of uploads (godog's work)
 * history of testing migrations (lucas' work, on http://qa.debian.org/~lucas/testing-status.html)
=== We might want them ===
 * MIA
 * Carnivore
 * debtags (integrating the tags into the database)
 * wanna-build
 * lintian
it to the appropriate sub-page, see Resources above)
(snipped content about '''data sources''' and moved to the [wiki:/DataSources appropriate subpage])

Ultimate Debian Database

Ultimate Debian Database (UDD) for short is an ongoing effort to create a relational database to encode information about Debian items (packages, bugs, popularity, ...).

It is currently being worked on as [wiki:SummerOfCode2008/UltimateDebianDatabase Google Summer of Code 2008 project].

This page is for coordination during the project development.


  • [wiki:?/DataSources data sources] we want to be injected in the db

Involved people

  • Student: Christian von Essen
  • Mentor: Lucas Nussbaum
    • Co-mentor: Stefano Zacchiroli
    • Co-Mentor: Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt

(snipped content about data sources and moved to the [wiki:?/DataSources appropriate subpage])