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 * [wiki:/udd.debian.net wiki entry] on [ http://udd.debian.net ]

Ultimate Debian Database

Ultimate Debian Database (UDD) for short is an ongoing effort to create a relational database to encode information about Debian items (packages, bugs, popularity, ...).

It is currently being worked on as [wiki:SummerOfCode2008/UltimateDebianDatabase Google Summer of Code 2008 project].

This page is for coordination during the project development.


  • [wiki:?/DataSources data sources] we want to be injected in the db

  • [wiki:/Discussions Ongoing discussions] via email
  • [wiki:/Logs Activity logs]
  • [wiki:/udd.debian.net wiki entry] on [ http://udd.debian.net ]

Involved people

  • Student: Christian von Essen
  • Mentor: Lucas Nussbaum
    • Co-mentor: Stefano Zacchiroli
    • Co-Mentor: Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt

(snipped content about data sources and moved to the [wiki:?/DataSources appropriate subpage])