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This page is designed to help people who wonders about U.S. Export Control Laws with Debian by expanding few mailing list messages including Re: ECCN for Debian GNU/Linux. Neither the author nor Debian shall be liable for actions taken by the user of information provided here.

U.S. Export Control

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If you are wondering what to do with U.S. export control with your product containing Debian and looking for the answer to ECCN, your safest bet would be to submit a classification request for the entire system to BIS, as described in the answer to question 3 at

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Some parts of Debian such as cryptographic softwares may be covered under ECCN 5D002. However, those parts are likely to fall under the TSU license exception. If this is true, no license is required to export products using such parts.

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Here are some related pages from Bureau of Industry and Security.

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Export Control of other nations

The export control regulation of other nations are very similar situation, since many countries bound by Wassenaar Arrangement.

Cryptographic software in Debian main archive

Here are key information related to the inclusion of cryptographic softwares to Debian main archive.

Other Projects on ECCN and CCATS number

Here are interesting links related to the ECCN and CCATS number.