UMAX AstraSlim SE

The scanner is supported in sane by the artec_eplus48u backend. The following is tested in Debian GNU/Linux 5, 6, 7 and 8.

1. Find the Artec48.usb firmware file from your CD or from the internet. Size 8192 bytes, md5sum 55113258bc41f30ef5f5be748e1b01ee. Put it in the location referred to by the backend configuration file, /etc/sane.d/artec_eplus48u.conf. (Most likely, /usr/share/sane/artec_eplus48u.) Set Artec48.usb’s permissions to 644. (chmod 644 /path/to/Artec48.usb)

2. In the backend configuration file, append the line option ePlusPro 0 in the UMAX AstraSlim SE section. (Note: Presence of the line anywhere else in the file does not matter; you have to add it in the AstraSlim SE section.)

3. Add normal user(s) to the scanner group. (adduser <username> scanner)

4. Reboot. This step is essential for step 3 to work.

5. Fire xsane and select the option Calibrate before the next scan. Choose a suitable scan area in the preview window and scan!

Other scanners by the same backend

The above notes are sure to be valid in various degrees to the scanners listed below. All of them are supported by the same backend, /etc/sane.d/artec_eplus48u.conf.

UMAX AstraSlim SE, UMAX AstraSlim 1200 SE, Artec E+ 48U, Artec E+ Pro, Memorex Mem48U, Tevion MD 9693, Medion MD 9705, Medion MD 9693, Medion MD4394, Trust Easy Webscan, Trust 240H Easy Webscan Gold, Yakumo Scan50.

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