Torify Debian Services

This page is about providing Onion Services for some of the Debian Services

Why is it useful?

When using Debian (or a derivative e.g. Tails) the user might be using some Debian Services and leak information to their ISP, the ISPs and organizations hosting the Debian servers and possibly others, for example:

In some instances simply leaking the fact that a laptop is running Debian is enough to make the user identifiable.

An NTP client resolving can be enough.

A solution

Web-based service can accessed through Tor already. Also, the user is (usually) aware of accessing a website.

Other services that are accessed automatically and/or without the user being fully aware of it should be provided over Onion Services.

Switching access from "traditional" to onion service should be simple (dpkg-reconfigure?)

Security implications



The services are listed in Services


Services to be torified

How to help

Current status