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 * Michael Prokop
 * [[StefanoZacchiroli]]
 * [[MichaelProkop|Michael Prokop]]
 * [[StefanoZacchiroli|Stefano Zacchiroli]]


At http://titanpad.debian.net is available an instance of titanpad, a real-time web-based collaborative editor, for Debian usage.

Hosting is kindly offered by the Titanpad folks.


Access is restricted by default, as that is a rule of titanpad sub-domain hosting; for non-restricted public access you can use http://titanpad.com directly.

  • to create a new pad you need to login using a shared account available to all DDs

  • account data are stored on /home/debian/misc/titanpad-password on master.debian.org

  • once you've created a new pad, just share its URL with collaborators
  • note that all new pads are secured by default, so only people with an account will be able to access them;
    to enable public collaborative editing go in your pad and choose Security > Pad Access > Public

Contact information

The current admins of TitanpadDebianNet are:

feel free to contact them for problems (or to volunteer as another admin!)