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MIDI player

Timidity is an opensource MIDI and Karaoke player.

Using a graphical user interface (GUI)

You can start timidity in several graphical variations. You can create a Gnome ?launcher with your favorite

 timidity -ia

gives a ?xaw interface with several powerful options, e.g. switching reverb on and off.

It can play standard Karaoke files, where you can read the lyrics and heard the music at the same time. And the sound is good. Because of all this, it is the recommended interface.

Installing the package timidity-interfaces-extra will however give you several more very usable interfaces: The GTK interface is started by typing

 timidity -ig

This allows the opening of files into a playlist, navigating and starting/stopping any of these, also changing the speed and the pitch while playing.

It can directly play karaoke, but doesn't displays the lyrics.

 timidity -ik

gives the simpler TCL/TK interface.

It cannot play karaoke files. It sounds good.


Plugger is a multimedia plugin for Linux Mozilla that handles MIDI and other multimedia files . It uses Timidity to play MIDI files.

You can use too ?UMP.

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