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Thunar is a file manager for X11 that uses the GTK+ 2 widget toolkit. It has been the default file manager in Xfce since version 4.4.


If you are running Xfce, Thunar is already installed. If you already have Gnome installed, you could just install the thunar package. However, if you are using a more minimal X11 setup, for example, with only a window manager like Openbox, you should also install the gnome-icon-theme package. Most other icon themes, such as the tango-icon-theme, inherit some icons from the gnome theme. Thunar is pretty useless without icons.

Suggested packages

Mouse Gestures

The following gestures are invoked by pressing Button 2 on the mouse (usually the mouse wheel).


opens the previous visited folder; "Back"


opens the parent folder


opens the next visited folder; "Forward"


reloads the current folder; "Refresh"

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