ThreadMode pages are a great way to get to DocumentMode, and many pages start out in ThreadMode by someone asking a question on one page, creating a wiki link, and then putting a simple description of the question in the new page. You can tell you're in ThreadMode when you see many signed comments in a row, or even in a series of nested paragraphs. Heavy signing is a good indicator of ThreadMode. If you find a page in ThreadMode that appears to have come to a resolution, it may be time to refactor it into DocumentMode.

For more on this, see:

There's a lot of good meta-wiki stuff in WikiWikiWeb that would be pointless to try and reproduce here.

Elements of good WikiStyle for ThreadMode pages

Sample Thread with bullets

Notice that after a while, indent level served as a signature. If you're always consistent, this can work OK.

Sample thread with pre-signing

DebUserA: I can't get 'cheese' to compile

DebUserB: Me too! What's the deal with --foo ?

DebDevA: Yep. That's completely broken. Did you file a bug?

DebDevB: See 123456

DebUserA: I think I found it. Line 47 of debian/rules has a typo

  ./configure --extra-otps --foo

needs to be

  ./configure --extra-opts --foo

DebDevA: Thanks! I'll make the change and upload.

DebUserA: Excellent! Thanks to all.