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== Other Topic Ideas ==

 * Debian GNU/kFreeBSD (Maybe ask Axel Beckert or on debian-bsd@lists.debian.org)
 * Debian Women Project (Maybe ask on debian-women@lists.debian.org)

This Week In Debian - Podcast

Are you interested in advertising some area of the Debian community and ready to talk about it in a podcast episode?
Then add your name at the bottom of this page!


The Frostbite Systems company sells computer hardware pre-installed with GNU/Linux distributions, including Debian of course.

For both promotion and as a service to communities, they are also producing podcasts about FOSS communities. As an example, check out the This Week In Fedora podcast.

FrostbiteMedia has contacted Debian to check whether the project is interested in starting a This Week In Debian podcast. To evaluate whether we want to start it or not, we need to plan (and record) ahead a few episodes, to check for the sustainability of the podcast.

Forthcoming episodes

Are you interested in participating?

If so, please add your name below, together with a brief description of the topic you'd like to talk about.

  1. StefanoZacchiroli - Debian in general, DebianProjectLeader interview

  2. I don't have a topic, but would be interested in contributing as an interviewer or panelist. I Suggested starting a Debian podcast on identi.ca in June, but the co-host I asked unfortunately declined. I would suggest that weekly is a bit too frequent, but I may be surprised. --- RyanBaroletFogarty

  3. Happy to help here too, though I also have a touch of skepticism that we can sustain this over the long term. I think our current DPL is very accessible, which is a good thing, but hopefully we can interview others as well. My suggestions:
    1. an ftpmaster (explain what they do, what their responsibilities are)
    2. Bdale Garbee (explain what Debian's technical comittee does)
    3. Russ Allbery (discuss lintian, Debian policy)
    4. gregoa (Debian Perl team, squashing release critical bugs)
    5. Ian Jackson (Debian's journey from 1993 to today)
  4. Jeremiah C. Foster
  5. Ben Hutchings - kernel team
  6. Moritz Mühlenhoff - security support
  7. Alexander Reichle-Schmehl - Publicity Work

  8. Alexander Reichle-Schmehl - getting involved as non-technical user

  9. add yourself here

Other Topic Ideas