This Week In Debian - Podcast

This Week In Debian (TWID) was a podcast about the Debian community edited by Frostbite Systems. The podcast was produced from 2010 to 2011.

Contributing to TWID

Are you interested in restarting the This Week In Debian podcast? You will need to learn audio editing or get someone involved who already does. Please also contact the publicity team to let them know about the new show.

Are you interested in advertising some area of the Debian community and ready to talk about it in a podcast episode?
Then add your name below!

You can also suggests others for interviews.

Remember that people outside the Debian community might have hard time figuring out how to contact a Debian IRC nickname or even full name. So please add links or other contact information that enable the podcast editors to get in touch with potential speakers.


The Frostbite Systems company sold computer hardware pre-installed with GNU/Linux distributions, including Debian of course. For both promotion and as a service to communities, their Frostbite Media organisation also produced podcasts about FLOSS communities, such as Debian and Fedora. The company stopped operating and recording podcasts in 2012.

Recorded episodes

  1. StefanoZacchiroli - Debian in general, DPL interview (ogg, mp3)

  2. Ben Hutchings - kernel team (ogg, mp3)

  3. Margarita Manterola - Debian Women (ogg, mp3)

  4. Neil McGovern - Release team (ogg, mp3)

  5. Axel Beckert - Debian GNU/kFreeBSD (ogg, mp3)

  6. Samuel Thibault - Debian accessiblity team (ogg, mp3)

  7. Moritz Muehlenhoff - Debian security team (ogg, mp3)

  8. Niels Thykier - Debian Java Packages (ogg, mp3)

  9. Lars Wirzenius - Upstream Front Desk project (ogg, mp3)

  10. Jeremiah Foster - Maemo team (ogg, mp3)

  11. Asheesh Laroia - Debian Mentor Community (ogg, mp3)

  12. Dave Yates - host of Lotta Linux Links Podcast (ogg, mp3)

  13. Jorge Castro - Ubuntu as Debian derivative (ogg, mp3)

  14. Jonathan Nadeau - latest Debian News, upcoming squeeze release (ogg, mp3)

  15. Rhonda - Debian Webmaster Team, Backports Team (ogg, mp3)

  16. Jonas Smedegaard - Freedom Box (ogg, mp3)

  17. Andreas Tille - Debian Pure Blends (ogg, mp3)

  18. Raphaƫl Hertzog - DPKG, CUT (ogg, mp3)

  19. StefanoZacchiroli - Interview with Debian Project Leader, Zack. (ogg, mp3)

  20. Jon "Maddog" Hall - Project Caua (ogg, mp3)

  21. Adnan Hodzic - Interview with Adnan discussing Debconf 2011 in Bosnia. (ogg, mp3)

  22. Jo Shields - Interview with Jo Shields, Debian Mono Team. (ogg, mp3)

  23. Jonathan Nadeau - Debian and the Northeast GNU/Linux Fest. (ogg, mp3)

  24. Jonathan Nadeau - current Debian news. (ogg, mp3)

  25. Roberto Sanchez - talk at the Northeast GNU/Linux Fest. (ogg, mp3)

  26. Phillip Newborough - ?CrunchBang Distribution talk. (ogg, mp3)

  27. Jonathan Nadeau gives an update on Frostbite Media. (ogg, mp3)

  28. Jonathan Nadeau talks about the Ohio LInux Fest and his internship at the FSF. (ogg, mp3)

  29. Adnan Hodzic - DebConf11 summary and its after effects. (ogg, mp3)

  30. Jonathan Nadeau interviews Raphael about the Debian handbook. (ogg)

  31. Northeast GNU/Linux fest (ogg)

People available for interviews

Are you interested in participating as interview partner?

If so, please add your name below, together with a brief description of the topic you'd like to talk about.

  1. Alexander Reichle-Schmehl - Publicity Work

  2. Alexander Reichle-Schmehl - getting involved as non-technical user

  3. Rhonda - Upstream and Downstream collaboration, Bug Handling and Triaging

  4. Joerg Jaspert - FTPMaster foo
  5. Asheesh Laroia <paulproteus at Debian> - Keeping Debian people motivated and friendly, through efforts like "Debian for Shy People" at Debconf and "Four Days" on debian-mentors.

  6. add yourself here

Interview partners suggested by others

Do you want to hear someone specific in such a podcast, add his name and possible topics below.

  1. an ftpmaster (explain what they do, what their responsibilities are)
  2. Bdale Garbee (explain what Debian's technical committee does)

  3. Russ Allbery (discuss lintian, Debian policy)
  4. gregoa (Debian Perl team, squashing release critical bugs)
  5. Ian Jackson (Debian's journey from 1993 to today)
  6. Biella Coleman & Bdale Garbee (Debian history and culture)

  7. luk and/or vorlon (Release Management)
  8. POX (debian python/applications modules team)
  9. Samuel Thibault (accesibility)
  10. Guillem Jover (dpkg internals/tips)
  11. listmaster (fighting spam in the debian lists)
  12. Don (BTS internals/tricks)
  13. jeremie koeing (Hurd installer)
  14. Arthur liu (this year's gsoc projects)
  15. freee/siretart/? (debian multimedia)
  16. formorer (debian backports infrastructure)
  17. aurel32 (debian ports)
  18. franklin/pabs (debian wiki, how to contribute/help)
  19. Mark Shuttleworth (Ubuntu founder, relationship building on a Debian base)
  20. Alice Ferrazzi (Debian women, how to attract more women to Debian)
  21. Christian Perrier (localization, samba)
  22. Keith Packard (X Window System and fontconfig)
  23. add your suggestion here

Other Topic Ideas

Just have a topic idea? Add it below.

People available for help

Are you interested in helping? If so, please add your name below and give a summary of how you'd like to help.

  1. I don't have a topic, but would be interested in contributing as an interviewer or panelist. I Suggested starting a Debian podcast on in June, but the co-host I asked unfortunately declined. I would suggest that weekly is a bit too frequent, but I may be surprised. --- RyanBaroletFogarty

  2. Happy to help here too, though I also have a touch of skepticism that we can sustain this over the long term. I think our current DPL is very accessible, which is a good thing, but hopefully we can interview others as well. --- JeremiahFoster

  3. Well, it would be nice to have the podcasts translated to other languages. I could do it into Spanish (I know very good both Latin-American Castilian (native) and Spanish Castilian). --- AlejandroMatos

  4. Another one that may help on the spanish version of the podcast --- AntonioMaldonado

  5. add yourself here