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The Hurd is a ?MultiServer ?MicroKernel ["POSIX"]-emulating operating system kernel, based on the ["Mach"] microkernel, although there has been talk about porting it to the ["L4"] microkernel too.

Currently, TheHurd is not in a usable state yet, but you can still install it, if you just work a bit and already got linux working. You have to use ["GRUB"] to boot (["LILO"] doesn't support "Mach"]), which is a good thing anyway. Prepare a <1Gib Linux partition, and follow the instructions.

?MarcusBrinkmann is the lead Debian GNUHurd developer.

What the name "Hurd" means

According to Thomas Bushnell, BSG, the primary architect of the Hurd, "Hurd' stands for 'Hird of Unix-Replacing Daemons'. And, then, 'Hird' stands for 'Hurd of Interfaces Representing Depth'. We have here, to my knowledge, the first software to be named by a pair of mutually recursive acronyms." (from the ["GNU"] HURD webpage)

General Hurd Resources

Developer Resources

See also: