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 * DebianRepository/UseThirdParty
 * SecureApt/TufDerivedImprovements
 * UntrustedDebs
 * AutomatedUpgrade - an attempt at improving major upgrades
 * UntrustedDebs - an attempt at documenting what's missing to be able to confidently install untrusted Debian packages
 * DebianRepository/UseThirdParty - a part of untrusted Debian package repositories: making sure their trust is limited in scope
 * SecureApt/TufDerivedImprovements - the broader question of design issues with SecureApt when compared to modern alternatives like TUF
 * [[LTS]] - I backported security patches for four years
 * [[Salsa/AliothMigration]] - I helped with the grandiose migration to GitLab
 * DebianDak - I made pretty graphs of the packaging workflow in Debian
 * DebianReleases - I made similarly pretty graphs for the suites workflow

Various hardware documentation:

 * [[InstallingDebianOn/Intel/NUC6i3SYH]]
 * [[InstallingDebianOn/Panasonic/CF-R8]]
 * [[InstallingDebianOn/Panasonic/CF-W5]]

But who is The Anarcat??

Email: <anarcat AT SPAMFREE debian DOT org>

I've been a Debian user for a while, and also a wiki user in a few wikis. Head over to http://anarc.at/ for more info.


Those are some of the projects I'm working on in Debian, on top of the copious list of packages I maintain:

Various hardware documentation: