Want an email when the JVM overhead of a standalone application is minimised such that grep could be implemented in java without anyone noticing.

Rants, comments and insites welcome.


there is a rumor that apple are doing sweet things regarding this, and that they will be contributed back to sun. (that is utterly second hand info and we need a link bigtime)

What defines completion

When a grep like application implemented in java operates in performance comparible to (ie. Big-O performance perhaps) a natively complied app.

A first executing of something like 'find || jgrep -i test' being slower than subsequent calls is acceptable.

To do

(add to do stuff here - ?OliverGeorge)


I think this javaworld article is talking about this when it talks about library sharing

PeterMakholm: Implementing the same Big-O performance shouldn't be a problem. But constants does matter. (Well I'm not absolutly sure that Java behaves well for abitrary large input but for reasonable sets of input Java should give less theoreticaly performance)

People to tell when you think it's ready (consider this a mailing list)

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People who will be notified when it is ready (only one email ever...)

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