Tell Me When...

Wanna know when something specific is achieved? Want a way of encouraging something to be implemented? Want to sit behind your terminal and ask for things without any intention of helping?

Add your email address to a list to recieve a single email when it's achieved.

Remember by giving comments and votes (by adding your email address to a list) you are giving a perspective which is the one thing a developer loses by coding cool stuff for us. And you get a guaranteed way of finding out when that ever so useful feature is ready for use.

Here are the currently defined lists...

(Feel free to add your own to the list below start with a copy if the ?TellMeWhenTemplate.)

Comments about the whole TellMeWhen idea

Perhaps this is a bit insulting? Not everybody is a coder like us. :) --ChrisMcGee

To be honest, I've never gotten it. Is anyone actually using this anymore? --MichaelIvey

A quick writeup of my attachments support module is here. I welcome any and all comments. --ClintMoore