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Teamviewer is a proprietary computer software package for remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing and file transfer between computers.


A 32-bit package is available at this address :

64-bit system (amd64)

More recent versions of teamviewer exists as 64bit packages for ubuntu and debian available at:

The x86_64 package v13.2.26559 has been tested on debian buster/testing as of 2018-10-08 and seems to be working fine.

sudo apt install ~/Downloads/teamviewer_13.2.26559_amd64.deb 


~/Downloads$ sudo install ./teamviewer_13.2.26559_amd43.deb

You can also install the 32-bit version via multi-arch:

Enable Multi-Arch and update the list of available packages:

# dpkg --add-architecture i386
# apt update

Install the teamviewer package :

# apt install ./teamviewer_i386.deb

32-bit system (i386)

Install the teamviewer package :

# apt install ./teamviewer_i386.deb