The systemd team is using as the user to track systemd and udev related bugs, possibly in other packages:

The following usertags are being used:

  1. systemd-socket-not-stopped

  2. logind For tracking issues relating to the systemd-logind daemon and the dbus services it provides.

  3. ck-rules For tracking consolekit rules

  4. systemd-units For tracking services that do not provide native systemd units

  5. integration For tracking bugs relating to the integration of systemd within debian. Incompatibilities with previous behavior, or with other components of the debian system, or other components integrating with systemd.

  6. tmpfiles.d Issues relating to systemd-tmpfiles

  7. initscripts-dep For tracking packages that depend on initscripts unnecessarily.

  8. jessie-backport For tracking bugs/patches that should be fixed/backported to jessie.

  9. udevadm For tracking the move of /sbin/udevadm to /bin/udevadm

  10. stretch-backport For tracking bugs/patches that should be fixed/backported to stretch.

  11. shim-patches-removal For tracking the removal of patches that enable systemd-shim usage.

The following tags are no longer used:

  1. udev-83

  2. udev-196

  3. qa

  4. libsystemd For tracking the migration from the multiple libsystemd-* libraries into the single libsystemd. (DONE)

  5. insserv-removal For tracking bugs required to be fixed to remove the insserv generator debian-specific patch. (DONE)

  6. init-rcs-service For tracking bugs for providing native service units for rcS.d init scripts. See its own page for details. (DONE)

Bugs in systemd

Help is appreciated with dealing with bugs reported against systemd and udev. See the full list of bugs. Tasks you can help with (these are not mutually exclusive):

  1. Triaging old bugs. Systemd is a dynamic project, many bugs filed against old versions might have been fixed by now.
  2. Requesting more information on bugs where it is missing. Remember to tag such bugs as moreinfo.
  3. Reproducing bugs. If you can reproduce them, tag them confirmed, and provide any information that may be useful to debug the issue.