Git Workflow of the pkg-opennebula OpenNebula Team

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Our repositories


Quick "overview" of build process

git clone git+ssh://
cd opennebula/
git-buildpackage --git-builder="debuild -uc -us"

Cloning repository for local work

git clone ssh://<alioth-login>

Content of Git repository : branches / tags

To be more precise, here is content of each GIT branch :

So during each build, git-buildpackage extract remotes/origin/upstream to opennebula_2.0.1.orig and apply pristine-tar to get the same .tar.gz. Then it call the x-builder of your choice : debuild or pbuilder/sbuild (for clean chroot build).

Workflow for local modifications


We've created a new squeeze branch off of master and make the necessary changes there (like changing Build-Depends).

Experimental branches

We've created new experimental and upstream-experimental branches for packaging new versions of OpenNebula that cannot go to unstable yet – currently for packaging OpenNebula 3.6 during Wheezy freeze:

Within the experimental branch gbp is configured to use these experimental branches:

ms@mango:~/[…]/opennebula> cat debian/gbp.conf 
# use pristine-tar:
pristine-tar = True
# use experimental branches for debian packaging and upstream
# remove this after these are merged back into regular branches
upstream-branch = upstream-experimental
debian-branch = experimental

Importing new upstream release

For each new "upstream" release, I just use git-import-dsc to :

Options for this "git-import-orig" is described in debian/README.source of opennebula. This is automated by :

debian/rules get-orig-source