These are some pending tasks and TODO of the pkg-netfilter packaging team (Teams/pkg-netfilter).

Feel free to update this page with any news you may have.

If you complete a task, please don't delete the info, so we keep track of what we have done and our hard work :-)

Pending tasks

Task: figure out new email setup for the packaging group

The packaging team is still using the old email address

This is outdated, we should probably use tracker.d.o email capabilities instead and replace the address everywhere.

Task: ipvsadm refresh

Refresh ipvsadm and move it to pkg-netfilter.

Formorer agreeded in moving this package to the team.

Jeremy Sowden offered to work on it.

Old git repo: New git repo:

Task: update docs

Update docs and spread the word with all the changes happening in the other tasks.

To take into account:

Task: conntrack-tools refresh

Refresh conntrack-tools package.

Also, we require an upstream release (pending work by Arturo).

Tasks done

Some work we have done already.

Task: ipset refresh

Refresh ipset and move it to pkg-netfilter.

Not sure in which state is this package.

-- Done. Thanks Neutron Soutmun for the hard work

Task: nftables compat push

Push forward the nftables compat layer.

Currently, the iptables packages deploys /sbin/iptables and we want a way to have that replaced by /sbin/iptables-compat (and same for ip6tables, arptables, ebtables) probably with a symlink, and/or using update-alternatives.

There are many approaches for properly doing this. We should pick the less invasive one.

There is some ongoing work to coordinate this among distros (eg. RHEL/Fedora) to have a common way for users in the Linux world to deal with this.

The timing is also important. We should evaluate how this will impact Debian stable releases, and how we want our users to deal with this.

-- Done!

Task: arptables adoption

Adopt and refresh arptables.

The arptables package has been orphaned (see and we need to adopt it and integrate it into the pkg-netfilter team. While at it, put the package in shape.

Task: ebtables adoption

Adopt and refresh ebtables.

Same as with arptables but with the ebtables package (see


-- Done, thanks to Alberto Molina Coballes for the hard work!

Task: xtables-addons refresh

Adopt and refresh the xtables-addons package, moving it to pkg-netfilter.

The former maintainers filled a RFA:

Jeremy Sowden offered himself to adopt it and work on it.

Old git repo: New git repo:

-- Done

Task: libnetfilter-* refresh

Refresh libnetfilter-* libs and move it to pkg-netfilter

They are usually not in good shape from the packaging point of view.

Jeremy Sowden offered to work on them.

Old git repo's:

New git repo's:

The following libraries have been updated:

-- Done