Interacting with the team

Usual roles

Task description

Maintain all netfilter upstream userspace tools.

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Packaging rules

Git packaging tool and repository layout

We use git-buildpackage with full sources stored in the repository and with pristine-tar to be able to retrieve the orig tarball out of the git repository. We strive to respect DEP-14 for the repository layout.

You can create a new git repository by logging into and by running /git/pkg-security/setup-repository. Here's an example to create a repository for ssldump:

$ ssh
foo@moszumanska:~$ cd /git/pkg-netfilter/
foo@moszumanska:/git/pkg-netfilter$ ./setup-repository ssldump

Packaging helper

We use the "dh" command provided by debhelper to ensure we have short but expressive debian/rules files.