Debian IoT Packaging


Interacting with the team

Task description

The goal of this team is to provide packages around the topic Internet of Things (IoT).

Get involved


All maintainers of software that's intended to be used somewhere in the Iot universe are encouraged to join the Debian IoT Team! If you just want to place your package within the team space on Salsa so users can probably find it easier is o.k., but please hardly consider to also join us on the mailing list as this will prevent possible double work! No worries, the traffic is quite low.

We'd really like to see more maintainers of IoT related packages. ;)


You are welcome too of course! Software isn't perfect and mostly not finished so if you find a bug or you have a wish about functionality or usability please file bugs or get in contact via the mailing list! If you can help to triage bugs you would help to improve the Universal OS and other users.

Tools and Workflow

There are no hard requirements, the current set of maintainers is preferring the usage of git-buildpackage and the suggested workflow by this. Please have a look at file:///usr/share/doc/git-buildpackage/manual-html/gbp.intro.html and existing packages.