Electronics packaging team

The pkg-electronics team collaborates on maintenance of electronics-related packages for Debian.

Discussion and co-ordination is mostly done on the <pkg-electronics-devel@alioth-lists.debian.net> mailing list. If you are not a member (yet?) of pkg-electronics, please feel free to ask any question related to packages in the Debian archive that is maybe related to pkg-electronics. Any suggestions or feedback about missing packages or package requests are welcome.

Team members may maintain electronics packages independently; there is no obligation to share all electronics package development.

Anyone is welcome to join; please post to the mailing list. You may also join the team on Salsa to get access to project Git repositories. If you are no Debian Developer we highly appreciate if you could explain the reasoning behind your request to join the Salsa group on the mailing list as we would like to know which experience you have and what kind contributor you are.



There is no special policy for packages in pkg-electronics.

The appropriate maintainer and uploaders lines for team packages would look like this:

Maintainer: Debian Electronics Team <pkg-electronics-devel@alioth-lists.debian.net>
Uploaders: Your Name <someone@world-dominion.org>

Package information

QA tools

New maintainer address (Salsa):

Old maintainer address (Alioth)

Package lists

These lists include all packages, not just maintained by the team:

Note about application categories

"Engineering;Electronics;" are used as application categories, they are non-standard, but categories such as (Education and Science) are completely inappropriate for the engineering applications maintained by the team.

This course of action does cause lintian to give desktop-entry-lacks-main-category warnings, and those warnings are ignored.

Also, extra-xdg-menus is to be added to the Recommends field (in debian/control) to provide menu categories for Electronics applications.

For details about the matter please read http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/pkg-electronics-devel/2009-November/001282.html