Debian Awstats Packaging

This page intends to document the basic information of how to do work on the awstats package in Debian in a collaborative way. See links section below for more information.


Public r/o access:

R/w access:

The git repository contains all commits from the old subversion repository.


The master branch currently use default git-buildpakage branches.

Checking out packaging repository


The firefox icon is of uncertain origin and has is excluded in the debian package (source). Logic has been added to handle it semi-automatically in the future:

  1. Create fake changelog entry:
    • dch -v 6.10-1 "Dummy release entry."
  2. Comment out DEB_UPSTREAM_TARBALL_MD5 line in debian/rules 3) Pull upstream source:
    • cd ..
      debian/rules get-orig-source
  3. Pull upstream source:
    • cd ..
      debian/rules get-orig-source
  4. Cleanup fake changelog entry:
    • git reset --hard
  5. The repackaged source tarball is stored in subdir ../tarballs (i.e. right outside the git basedir). To inject that source tarball:
    • git-import-orig --sign-tags ../tarballs/awstats_6.10~dfsg.orig.tar.gz

More information about the workflow is being documented in the README.source available in git://