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Useful links:
 * [[https://salsa.debian.org/3dprinting-team|Team page]]
 * [[https://tracker.debian.org/teams/cryptocoin/|Team package tracker]]
 * team+cryptocoin@tracker.debian.org
== Infrastructure ==
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 * '''Alioth Project''': ''https://salsa.debian.org/cryptocoin-team''
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{{{#!wiki comment
/* = Packages =
Programs that are, or should be packaged by the team.
== Interacting with the team ==
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 * cura (including !CuraEngine, python-power and libpolyclipping)
 * pronterface
 * !RepetierHost
 * !RepetierFirmware
 * !RepetierServer
 * slic3r
 * repsnapper
 * arduino-mighty-1284p
 * octoprint (ITP - #718591)
 * skeinforge
 * '''Email contact''': team+cryptocoin@tracker.debian.org
 * '''Package tracker''': https://tracker.debian.org/teams/cryptocoin/
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Related programs that are packaged by others, but may be handled by the team in the future, should its current maintainers want a break: == Scope ==
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 * arduino
 * arduino-mk
 * avr-gcc
 * avrdude

= Repository =

The team manages the packaging work with git-buildpackage, repos are stored on salsa.debian.org. The layout is as follow:
 * 3dprinting-team/packages/<package>.git: repo for the team-maintained packages (one repo per package).
 * 3dprinting-team/3dprinter.git: repo for the whole project, used for tools, webpages, etc.

The repos can be browsed at [[https://salsa.debian.org/3dprinting-team]]

To push your work to the team repo, create a repository via the website add a remote suggested by the website.

Please refer to [[3D-printer/gbp]] for more info about packaging with git-buildpackage.

= Packaging policy =

We are using the following rules for our packages:
 1. We use debhelper.
 2. We use dh in debian/rules, to keep it short and clean.
 3. debian/rules clean removes or restores '''ALL''' generated files. (The only exception being debian/po/templates.pot, which has to be generated at the end of clean to make life easier for translators.)
 4. '''Everything''' should be built from source. (In particular, packages using autotools should use dh --with dh_autoreconf).
 5. We allow no lintian errors at all, and no lintian warnings where reasonably possible.
 6. Watch files are always present and up to date.
 7. We use DEP-5 copyright files on all packages.
 8. We write verbose changelogs which follow the "where, what, why" rule.

 * CategoryTeams

Debian Cryptocoin team maintains packages for code projects related to cryptocoins.

Debian Cryptocoin Team


Interacting with the team


Debian Cryptocoin team maintains packages for code projects related to cryptocoins.