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The Welcome Team highlights here an area were '''anybody''' can contribute to Debian.  The Welcome Team highlights here an area were '''anybody''' can contribute to Debian.
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 * [[I18n]] - Internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) portal.

Translation(s): English - Italiano - Português (Brasil)

The Welcome Team highlights here an area were anybody can contribute to Debian.

The Welcome Team is available to guide newcomers to join the corresponding teams and make their first successful contributions, in coordination with the contact people below.

Wiki Editors and Translators needed!

Help us to keep the Debian wiki up to date, speak your language, and cover all the interesting topics. Less than an hour sometimes and even just a couple of minutes can make a difference.

  • Create a wiki account

  • Login

  • Visit the page you'd like to complete/review/fix and click "Edit"
  • See the preview
  • Save
  • If you want to adopt the page to track further changes, click "Subscribe"
  • Create your personal page going to https://wiki.debian.org/YourName and editing. You can visit other personal pages here to get an idea of what to write.

  • If you want to appear in our "hall of fame" contributors.debian.org as Wiki Editor, create an Alioth account with the same email you registered for the wiki, and then login into contributors.debian.org to unhide your contributions.

If you speak a language different than English, and you'd like to contribute translations to the wiki, see DebianWiki/TranslationCoordination and coordinate with your language team mailing list.