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The Welcome Team highlights here an area were anybody can contribute to Debian.

The Welcome Team is available to guide newcomers to join the corresponding teams and make their first successful contributions, in coordination with the contact people below.

Translators and reviewers needed!

Help us to make Debian (the software, the community) speak your language! Less than an hour sometimes and even just a couple of minutes can make a difference.

If you speak a language different than English, you can join your language team and contribute to Debian with translations and reviews of other people's translations.

Just on Debian translations (localization, l10n), there are many areas and different tools used, so it's quite probable that you will find some section that fits your interests and skills: translations of the website, announcements and news, description of packages, the Debian Installer, Debian documentation, wiki pages ...

Reviewing translations made by other contributors is particularly needed (to ensure their quality) and easy (no technical skills needed, just language skills).


If you are interested, contact your language team mailing list or the Welcome Team.

In particular, the Welcome Team has received specific calls for help from these teams:

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