This is a collection of ideas, links, and tips about getting involved in Debian, in no particular order or structure.

The Welcome Team will try to add new ideas and/or move the existing ones into more structured wiki pages.

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Idea of a roadmap to come

The idea

Many people come and tell us on a stand "I don't know how to contribute". As the debian-women group has some communication support, we show them. Its system of sponsorship seems a good idea but not highlighted enough.

My idea is now to establish a kind of "profile parser", to explain interested persons, according to their profile, what may be his/her roadmap in Debian:

We should create a kind of automated tool so that people to go on the relevant URLS according to what they are and search. I don't put links here, just want your opinion and see if it's worth going further. If yes, we could work on such tool and why not implementing it on the wiki here.

0. Read the The Debian Social Contract

1. Read the DFSG

2. What's your profile?

- you speak several languages?

- you have graphical skills

- you use Debian with a GUI? CLI? Server?

- you like to assist people with doing things?

- you are in the approach of "do it yourself"?

- do you have any disability

- are you a developer? what languages?

3. According to your profile:

- translate

- help for design

- help for documentation

- help for website

- help for legal topics

- help for user support

- join a team:

* update a package maintained by your team (a team for some programming languages, for a desktop environment, for a topic)

* propose it a package if needed

* sort bugs between Debian one and upstream ones, confirming them, forwarding them, and why not fixing them

- help for QA

4. If you are in a packaging team, become a DM reading the Constitution, then you will be a DD later

5. If you are in a transversal team, become a DD non uploading reading the constitution, DDs become in anti-harassment team, in communication team

6. DDs can become ftpmasters, debian account managers, mentors, application managers for new DDs, DPL, secretary, members of the CTTE


They enable to mention relevant links according to the process: How to help Debian