Welcome Team

This is the Debian Welcome team, which exists to help people move across Debian.

The idea is to help people pass from the status of «user or fan» to the status of «first time contributor», then «several times contributor». Or even to help seasoned developers to go from the status of «I'm bored with what I'm doing» to «ooh, that's a shiny new thing I could do».

The goals of this team are (more or less):

Team members

Who could (should!) be member of the team:

Who shouldn't be member of the team (not a strict ban, just our recommendation):

IRC channel

The channel exists to attend to people looking for directions, and potentially recruit new greeters.

It is a safe space where any question can be asked.

It is a a place where questions are not necessarily answered in full, but are at least answered with an actionable item, so that one that is lost comes out with a thing to do in the right direction.

In order to save time and resources, try to avoid long digressions in the channel, and to make sure that we have adequate documentation. An invitation to discover/help/document or a personal story can be more useful and empowering than a long explanation.

The idea is to be the guides at the tourist information office, not the guides that lead people in tours.