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   * /srv/www.debian.org/ on www-master.debian.org (klecker.d.o)
   * /srv/search.debian.org/ on search.debian.org (senfl.d.o)
   * /srv/www.debian.org/ on www-master.debian.org http://www.debian.org/ (wolkenstein.d.o)
   * /srv/search.debian.org/ on http://search.debian.org/ (senfl.d.o)
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   * /srv/packages.debian.org/ on packages.debian.org (powell.d.o) - related but different team/permissions    * /srv/packages.debian.org/ on http://packages.debian.org/ (powell.d.o) - related but different team/permissions

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(!) ?Discussion


Most of the stuff regarding webmaster work is described at the aforementioned web site and all prospective editors are highly recommended to read it.

Interacting with the team

Usual roles

All work is shared in two teams:

  • people in the debwww group - particular webmaster-only stuff
  • people in the webwml group - everything reachable via webwml CVS

The webwml CVS/group does the bulk of the editing. The debwww Unix group handles the bits necessary for webwml to propagate onto the web site, CGI scripts, and similar intricate details.

You can request CVS commit access through the alioth project, please fill in the comment box with a reasoning.