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== A list of TODO items (fall-out of the website transition to new Layout) == == Agenda for meeting 2011-02-15 ==
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 * Further apache.conf tweaks?  * Further apache.conf tweaks? (zobel/symoon)
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 * UTF-8 conversion  * UTF-8 conversion (taffit/MadameZou)

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Agenda for meeting 2011-02-15

  • Template and README for other projects to pull from
  • Work on "Layout Problems" logfiles
  • Further apache.conf tweaks? (zobel/symoon)
  • BR status of the BTS
  • UTF-8 conversion (taffit/MadameZou)
  • DebCamp work session - What to do?

  • Language switch improvement
  • RTL(right to left writing) problem in the design

A list of TODO items - not in a particular order

  • check the vendors list: english/CD/vendors/testvendors.pl seems a script to do this job (thanks Tolimar for this hint!)
  • taffit suggested to contact /users/ to check if they still use Debian
  • improve /intro/help section reorganizing contents on how to contribute per-profile (see 608400)

  • convert website to UTF-8 (see 567781)

  • website <-> wiki relation. Which data comes where?

/!\ Please note that this is not a wish list!