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 * taffit suggested to contact '''/users/''' to check if they still use Debian
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 * check vendors listed in '''/distrib/pre-installed''' [madamezou]: the plan is
  * visit sites to check if vendor still sell PCs with Debian pre-installed, if not or if in doubt
  * send a mail asking if they still do, saying that if there will not be response after 10 days we will remove them.
  for this, and for the next one, a draft of policy (also a guideline for the cleanup) on http://lists.debian.org/debian-www/2011/03/msg00056.html
 * check the '''/CD/vendors/''' list: english/CD/vendors/testvendors.pl seems a script to do this job (thanks Tolimar for this hint!); related: DebianBug:596558
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  * '''/misc/children-distros''' should go in '''/derivatives'''

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A list of TODO items - now in a particular order

/!\ Please note that this is not a wish list! Use the bug tracking system to report them.

Please check also the past meetings minutes for more TODO lists.

About new layout


Via Mailing list:

-> http://people.debian.org/~spaillard/website/dynamic_cols/dynamic_columns_debhome.html may be an answer to these reports

Minor issues via BR:


  • Use Javascripts from get.debian.net to select/highlight the arch matching the visitor
  • make http://www.debian.org/CD/http-ftp/ more compact (like CD/vendors, need mirror_list.pl tweak, and sorting the user country first)

  • inter-sites links under the red button ? (symoon solution does work with CSS2 browsers, not IE7.. maybe not that much a problem ?)
  • which compatibility against web browsers are we looking for ? IE7 ? Default epiphany with small min font size?
  • there is a scaling issue on the front page when Iceweasel is set to "Zoom Text Only", the RSS buttons push the design so that a horizontal scroll bar appears. the issue appears to be that they are set to strictly 35px wide, instead of whatever size they need to be. turning off the width doesn't appear to have any adverse affects. I wonder if the line-height should be px too


  • red PLANET bit on planet.d.o/es needs to link back to the main page
  • planet.d.o/cgi-bin/search.cgi is completely unstyled


Reviving site's areas

  • improve /intro/help section reorganizing contents on how to contribute per-profile (see 608400)

  • review and update doc/books entries (Tolimar volunteers for that and has already some preparations)

  • set a specific road map for /doc/ area:

  • get rid of /misc/

    • /misc/merchandise should go in /events/

    • /misc/children-distros should go in /derivatives

  • Merge the /CD/ and /distrib/ part of the website, following up on 612116 or in a specific wiki page welcome


  • get all apache logs to a central location and run statistics over it
  • website <-> wiki relation. Which data comes where?