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Agenda for meeting 2011-02-15

  • Template and README for other projects to pull from
  • Layout issues
    • RTL(right to left writing) problem in the design
    • Planet doesn't work well with min font size settings, feedlist overlaps entry texts (acessibility bug for visual handicaped people)
    • Language switch improvement
    • BRs

      On www.d.o:

      • 612138 i, (Old translation warning hides text in the new style)

      • 612118 n, "/distrib/ should link to multi-arch image rather than separate 32-bit and 64-bit images"

      • 612120 n, "/releases/squeeze kfreebsd-amd64 should link to /ports/kfreebsd-gnu" [needed a 301 or a 200: symoon already on it, he said he want to discuss with DSA about the best way to fix]

      • 612152 n, "main page in russian: wrong word wrapping" [I've checked when reported and now again: it seems that the utf-8 conversion has fixed it. maybe we can ask l10n-russian to further check - for other pages]

      • 612442 n, "limit maximum width of text"

      • 612208 m, "review of the new website style": some minor issues/suggestions (IMVHO needs to be considered: at least the gradient thing and the alignment one)

      • 612244 m, "Home banner kerning wonky"

      • 612577 m, "history/navigation bar always lowercase" [symoon on it, but I haven't understand if it is resolved or not :)] (IMO needs to be cloned into wiki.d.o: is an issue for wiki but not for www.d.o)

      • 612447 w, "Home button and menu line doesn't look good with line break on small windows"

      • 612116 w, "/CD/ should now redirect to the new /distrib/"

      On planet.d.n:

      • 612444 m, [planet.d.o] "people names on planet hard to read" [Kalle on it]

      On packages.d.o:

      • 612468 m, [packages.d.o] "minor issues with the new theme" [symoon already resolved most of it]

      • 612772 m, [packages.d.o] "footer overlaps with right sidebar links"

  • Work on "Layout Problems" logfiles
  • Further apache.conf tweaks? (zobel/symoon)
  • BR status of the BTS
  • UTF-8 conversion (taffit/MadameZou see 567781)

  • DebCamp work session - What to do? Initial proposal

A list of TODO items - not in a particular order

  • process feedback and get constructive/real remarks from it: http://lists.debian.org/201102060736.24648.thomas@koch.ro http://lists.debian.org/debian-www/2011/02/msg00085.html http://lists.debian.org/debian-www/2011/02/msg00091.html http://lists.debian.org/201102082002.14245.alan.braslau@cea.fr 612208 612244 612444

  • Use Javascripts from get.debian.net to select/highlight the arch matching the visitor
  • make http://www.debian.org/CD/http-ftp/ more compact (like CD/vendors, need mirror_list.pl tweak, and sorting the user country first)

  • inter-sites links under the red button ? (symoon solution does work with CSS2 browsers, not IE7..)
  • which compatibility against web browsers are we looking for ? IE7 ? Default epiphany with small min font size ?
  • get all apache logs to a central location and run statistics over it
  • check the vendors list: english/CD/vendors/testvendors.pl seems a script to do this job (thanks Tolimar for this hint!)
  • taffit suggested to contact /users/ to check if they still use Debian
  • improve /intro/help section reorganizing contents on how to contribute per-profile (see 608400)

  • website <-> wiki relation. Which data comes where?

  • red PLANET bit on planet.d.o/es needs to link back to the main page
  • planet.d.o/cgi-bin/search.cgi is completely unstyled
  • review and update doc/books entries (Tolimar volunteers for that and has already some preparations)
  • there is a scaling issue on the front page when Iceweasel is set to "Zoom Text Only", the RSS buttons push the design so that a horizontal scroll bar appears. the issue appears to be that they are set to strictly 35px wide, instead of whatever size they need to be. turning off the width doesn't appear to have any adverse affects. I wonder if the line-height should be px too
  • on lists.d.o the "mailing lists" red thing is not a link to the top of the lists page.
  • set a specific road map for /doc/ area:

/!\ Please note that this is not a wish list!