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 * process feedback and get constructive/real remarks from it: http://lists.debian.org/201102060736.24648.thomas@koch.ro http://lists.debian.org/debian-www/2011/02/msg00085.html http://lists.debian.org/debian-www/2011/02/msg00091.html http://lists.debian.org/201102082002.14245.alan.braslau@cea.fr Bug:612208 Bug:612244 Bug:612444

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Agenda for meeting 2011-02-15

  • Template and README for other projects to pull from
  • Layout issues
    • RTL(right to left writing) problem in the design
    • Planet doesn't work well with min font size settings, feedlist overlaps entry texts (acessibility bug for visual handicaped people)
    • Language switch improvement
  • Work on "Layout Problems" logfiles
  • Further apache.conf tweaks? (zobel/symoon)
  • BR status of the BTS
  • UTF-8 conversion (taffit/MadameZou see 567781)

  • DebCamp work session - What to do? Initial proposal

A list of TODO items - not in a particular order

/!\ Please note that this is not a wish list!