This page is about creating a new framework to automate as much as possible the handling of any submissions by external partners:

(If there are others please add to this list)

The Partners page probably doesn't fit here.

What needs to be done:

1. Form for submitting and updating entries

2. Automated checks of the provided information

3. Persistent storage for all data (database?)

4. Automatic update of the web pages

5. Periodical check of everything

Automatic Checks

List of automatic checks for consultants page

List of periodic checks

How to check if the URL contains informations about consultancy on Debian

First of all, the URL should point to an existing page. Second, a search using the word debian should not fail. An automatic search can be based on this:

Using Mailman

For everything involving e-mail maybe Mailman can be used, since there is a lot in common with maintaining mailing lists: