An alphabetical list of distributions based in Debian is maintained in the page

The Children Distros Debian page is filled with many stale entries that need to be updated in order to keep the listing both relevant and current, and new items should be added when new children distros are developed.

On the other hand, a Derivatives/Census is maintained in the wiki (with different purpose), so ideally the efforts to keep any of both lists updated should help to improve the other list.

Proposed workflow

0.- Have a look at the source code of the children-distros page:

For each children distro, name and description are provided, and after that, some comments lines should be present or added with the following info:

1.- Pick a distro for which those comment lines are not present or the "Last reviewed" date is more than one year ago.

2.- Review the name, description and links of the distro, and update the text if necessary. Please check that links are not broken and try to provide information from a source of the original distro itself, if possible (if not, provide external links).

3.- With the information retrieved, write an update for the paragraph of the children distro (or write a new paragraph for a new distro to be included, in its place, in alphabetical order). For updates, at least the line "Last reviewed:" should be added/changed with the current date.

4.- Send a patch (or the info itself) to the corresponding bug report (#783670).

5.- Check the corresponding information about the distro in Derivatives/Census with the information that you gathered, and provide the corresponding updates to the Census wiki page, if needed.

Note: We would like to thank your contributions! If you want to be listed in, register an account in Alioth, the Debian forge, related to the email you use for sending the patch or the wiki edition.

Team Contributors

We welcome interested parties and suggestions.

You can contact ?Laura Arjona from the Webmaster Team in order to get help on contributing to this task.