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Mumble is VoIP software with low latency, specifically designed for gaming.

Use of Mumble within Debian organisation

Mumble has become popular as a voice conferencing tool within the Debian organisation. There is a discussion about AlternativesToMumble

Package plans


1.1.5 includes ZeroC ICE support, which means a few changes for the mumble-server package.


Hotkey suppression only works with XEvie, which unfortunately seems to be unmaintained. We should try to get in touch with someone "in the know" and find the future of XEvie.


At the moment a user has to type his password for mumble-server just one time. We should add after this a "Confirm password" template where the user has to type again his password. If the second password diffs from the first one then we need another template which could look like this: "Your passwords does not match or are empty - do you want to retype them or abort the process of setting a ?SuperUser password?" This should be boolean. If the user hits "Yes": Recall the password dialogs until both are right. If the user hits "No": Continue with configuring mumble-server without setting a password. We need to make sure this looks good with other debconf modes than dialog as well.

We should also add configuration options for the welcome text, and low priority configuration options for things like default port, bandwidth and number of users. This will make it so there are no user-servicable parts at all in the system config .ini, and will hopefully help avoid a few problems.