The Debian/Ruby teams maintain the Ruby interpreters, libraries and applications. There are actually two different Ruby teams in Debian:

Both teams share some infrastructure, and have common members.

Most discussions happen on the debian-ruby mailing list. Discussions specific to pkg-ruby-extras also happen on the pkg-ruby-extras-maintainers list. You should be subscribed to both if you want to follow Ruby in Debian. We also use IRC (#debian-ruby on quite a lot.

pkg-ruby team (interpreters)

How you can help:

pkg-ruby-extras team (libraries and applications)

How you can help:

Mid- and Long-term tasks

To learn about the recent stuff that happened in Debian/Ruby world, see this blog post.

Finish the transition to gem2deb

{*} We are currently transitioning from a cdbs-based packaging tool to gem2deb, a modern dh-based tool. See /RubyInWheezy for details.

Provide backports

{*} Provide backports for the key Ruby packages (interpreter, rubygems) for both Debian and Ubuntu stable releases.

Switch to 1.9 as default

{*}{*}{*} Since we use alternatives, it is quite easy to switch to 1.9 as default. However, 1.9 doesn't sound like a reasonable target now, even if it is likely to become one during the wheezy cycle.

Package other Ruby interpreters

{*}{*}{*} It would be nice to make progress towards having the same support for Rubinius and JRuby.

Generation of ri and rdoc documentation

{*}{*}{*} Currently we do not to generate the ri and rdoc documentation, as there are good online services providing it (like We might change our mind later. :)